Saturday, October 26, 2013


Well it is finally here. I am in Alaska.

   Over the past few days, I have been preparing, and check, check, double checking (Tanya) to make sure I have everything I could possibly need. I am blessed to have parents who helped in this preparation, mostly my mom packing all of my stuff. (Thanks mom for always taking care of me). As I was on my first plane, I had two seats to myself. I was torn between the fact that I was happy I did not have to talk to anyone, and the fact that I was able to sit, read, relax, and talk to God. I sat there thinking that I was not actually alone that my Heavenly Father flew with me and was right there if I needed anything.
    Before I left, there were all these blessings that I kept seeing. However, there was a huge obstacle that needed to be overcome. There were a lot of lies crashing on me, like waves from a sea, in my head. I was recently told how one of my friends felt about me. There were a lot of hurt feelings involved and everything that was said I took extremely personal. I let all of this eat at me for about 3 days until I had talked to my family and a couple friends who all told me the same thing. I realized that I was not in the wrong nor was I in the right. I needed to keep showing love and trusting that God has it all taken care of. Thankfully, in all my worry and anxiety of one person having a problem with me, the Lord worked it out that there was actually not a problem but rather a lot of communication errors and misunderstandings. After about a half an hour phone conversation, everything was laid out very clearly. After everything was said, the friendship was finally mended. I no longer had this feeling of anxiety before I left for one the biggest trips of my life. I say this only for the fact that I know I am going to Alaska to do the Lord's work. I believe that I will be attacked in any way possible.
   As I change back to my flights, I would fall asleep and wake up to a new scenery. I woke up the one time to us flying over the Colorado Rockies. The mountains were covered in what appeared to be snow and they had deep pitch black pits. In all of that, I thought about how beautiful our creator must be. If they were just mountains made of dirt, rock, minerals, and other particles. Then how much work did God put into making me. A being that was created in the image of Him, who walks, talks, breathes, and thinks on its very own. Somehow as I looked at the Rockies, I felt like a 5 year old sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to see what was next. I think it is good to think childlike and marvel at the beauty of our world that was created.
  I felt similar to this feeling of how big and marvelous of God truly is when I landed in Anchorage. I met with Chris and Levi who were patiently waiting for me. We went to dinner and had a lovely time at the Longhorn steakhouse. It was very good and the portion sizes were huge. Mind you this was around 1:30am for me at home. When I finally arrived at my house for the night it was a condo for Levi and I. I was wondering how that would work but it worked out just fine because he too is a believer and was raised in a Christian home. He is a gentleman and even ate breakfast outside in order to not wake me. I am very excited to see what else is in store for me. Today is food shopping and sightseeing a bit.

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