Saturday, November 22, 2014


                With not having a gym this year, this was such a treat to be able to shoot around.

Card making with Kelcie! She is such a joy to be around and I have enjoyed the friendship we have created. Another fellow Kutztown Alumni. Go Kutztown!

Paige smiling while Becky is hard at work on her cards. Paige has become such a great friend out here, It is too bad we cannot get together more often. 

The lady standing brought everything needed to make 10 cards.She loves card making and travels around to different villages and does group card making nights. We paid a cover charge and made cards for the evening. It was fun to hang out with people I normally do not get to talk to.

A lot of the teachers ran in a 2 mile race to raise money for the Candice Berner Memorial. The money provides books for preschoolers all around the district.

Well, I thought I was completely out of shape, but I guess I surprised myself. Amy, another teacher here beat me. It was a ton of fun and I ended up winning a glass float.

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