Sunday, November 17, 2013

Student Projects

I wanted to start this blog off with some of the work my students have been doing over the past few weeks. We do a lot of hands on projects and the students create quite a bit of their projects.
One House for the different civilizations the student's were studying.

My first grade students needed to do a recycling project. We made piggy banks.

My first graders started a new science book and our introduction was about a lady who has 4 giraffes living at her house. She took care of them and made sure they had a good home. The students were required to make their own giraffe pen and then make a giraffe to fit into their pen. They decided to split their pen in half and then make a mom and baby giraffe. The neatest piece of information I learned was that you can buy color pencils that if dipped into water become like paint brushes. You can then use these pencils to color on model magic, but not sure what else they can paint on. These are both really great for students and children.  

3rd grade project of the ring of fire. The student then proceeded to erupt it. 

My 1st grade student made their own volcano out of casting material, baking soda, and citric acid. This does not leave a smell like the apple cider vinegar does. Fun tip for anyone wanting to make a volcano with some students or children. My students thought it would be nice to put people near our volcano as well.

      This week has been more relaxed and less frustrating just with everything going on. I feel that I can finally breathe and I feel more confident in all that I have been doing. I have been working with a variety of different students on projects and papers throughout this week. I was also involved in playing against the A team volleyball team with our own elite team. I was able to work with the team a little bit warming up. I enjoy watching the skills the students have along with the encouraging, and positive attitudes. I was able to attend a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meeting. It was 5 parents, the principal and 6 teachers. It was very insightful and I was also able to share my opinion of how my experience teaching here has been going. 
         I also attempted to hike today and have some tips if you ever get caught in the same situation I did. I started out hiking and then ended up not feeling well. My stomach hurt so I told the people I went hiking with that I was going to turn around. Tip # 1. If you do not feel well, do not continue. Once Katie and I started walking back, I had to immediately stop because I ended up getting sick. At this point I did not think I could physically walk back. Tip # 2. Know your limits, and never walk alone. At this point I did not think I could walk back the little bit of hike we just did. I then asked Katie to come pick me up. She took off running and I ended up taking two of my jackets off and laid in the middle of the trail. I ended up following a trail to a house where I have only been one time. I laid on their chair until someone could drive me back to my house. Katie was searching for me with a few people while I was staying here to get my stomach to calm down. Since Katie could not find me she headed to Asha's where I am staying. By the time I got back to my house she was there and her an Asha were heading out to come and find me. Tip # 3. Stay where you are and where the person left you. Overall, I have no idea why I got sick or why it hit me so suddenly. All I know is that I hate the feeling of being out in the middle-of-no where and having to tough it out until I made it back. I am grateful to have the experience I did today and it is one that I will never forget. 

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