Wednesday, November 27, 2013


      This is just the perfect time for a blog. Thanksgiving break is finally upon us! Snow is falling! The weather is getting colder! Just grab your laptop, curl up by the fire, and enjoy my fun blog today. :) Well, maybe that will happen but if not, I just want to first say thank you for all of you who have kept up with me and read my blog over the past four weeks.
       It has been very busy over the past week with all the traveling I was able to do. I went to Kokhanok for the volleyball jamboree. Many different schools traveled to the central location of Kokhanok and stayed there for 4 days. We brought 3 planes because we had 17 students and two chaperons. I had no idea what to expect when we first got there. I had 7 high school boys, this made it interesting because we barely knew each other and I also did not know anyone at the school. All I knew was that I was suppose to make sure all the other students arrived. The boys started out playing volleyball but then ended up just working on homework. I was so impressed with their dedication and hard work with schoolwork and how much effort they put into it over the 4 days.

The gym was a nice size for everyone to fit in. We (all the girls) fit into the gym to sleep each night. I will say this, bring something soft to sleep on because the floor is not nice and comfy with just a sleeping bag. Somehow, I forgot to bring an air-mattress with me. Thankfully one of my friends Kasie found me a roll out pad so I had a little more cushion at night. The boys slept in the classrooms upstairs and downstairs.

Kasie and Me!

    During this week, we had 3 man mixed teams along with 6 man mixed team games. There was one all girls volleyball team that played but could not move onto states. We had an A and B team of mixed 6.  I was very proud of all the students who put up me sitting right next to the coach yelling "Get Low." They all began to listen to me and eventually it paid off because at the end of the tournament they took first place. They made an extremely amazing come back being down 2-0 games, As we came into the huddle after the 2nd game they had just lost, I made the comment of them having 3 more games to play. Well if they did not make that statement true because they won the next 3 games making it 3-2 for matches won. Port Alsworth mixed 6 team made it to states! I would love to go with them but that is the weekend that I am graduating from college. I wish them all the best and will keep them in my prayers. 

        While we were in Kokhnok I was able to go out and sight see with a few of my students. I was very excited to see what their store looked like so we ventured on out. Hope you enjoy these!

Just a few of them who wanted to come withe me.

This was such an unique experience and yes of course my students wanted to get ice cream bars. We waited outside for a good 15-20 minutes while the lady was away at another person's house. My students thought it would be a great idea to have snowball fights while we waited. Let's just say I ended up having quite a bit of snow in my face. High school boys did not tone it down for the student teacher.  

This one is for you Neeks!!! I know how much you love spam. This made me think of you!

This was a really neat looking church. I did not get to go inside or explore it too much because I had my students with me. However, I did get see this much.

     During this week, I also helped the coach warm up the team and get ready for games. I was a referee, homework enforcer, and I proctored tests. We had down time which was filled with eating, sleeping, volleyball, homework, and shooting air-soft riffles. Our team took 2nd over all for having the highest score in the riffle competition. We also had one student who received 1st place for having the highest of score for shooting. 

Just a few other pictures from this past week include the morning of our flight to Kokhanok and  flight home.

This is where I am living right now. The n shape in the picture is where the two airport landing strips are. The mountain in the background is Tanalian Mountain. I hope to hike it when I come back.Yes, I will be coming back to teach in the spring. I will start in January and finish out the year until May. This is a full-time teaching position within the school! I am beyond excited and blessed!

This was right after I had found out that I would be coming back to teach. Words cannot explain how happy I am to have a job even before I graduate.


  1. What a beautiful Smile!! So happy for you!!! Love all the pictures and enjoy your final days as a "Student Teacher." Congratulations Sweetie! You are so blessed. Love you beyond measure!!!

  2. Thanks mom!!!! I love you so much. Thank you for always supporting me in everything I do!! You and dad are the best parents a girl could ask for.