Friday, December 6, 2013

Until We Meet Again

So, I have finally left Port Alsworth (PTA or PA). Today was  such a beautiful day to fly. There were some slight bumps along the way but overall it was smooth sailing. Last night was a ton of fun spending time with the ladies in the teacher house (Asha & Katie). We were out last night taking some fun pictures and having some girl time. It is amazing what you can do with some lights, 3 silly girls, and a camera.

I feel blessed to have met Katie and Asha!  Katie will not be there when I go back to PTA but when we were together she was an encouragement and great listener. Katie if you finally get around to reading my blog, I apreciate everything you did for me over the past 6 weeks. No one cooks quinoa, or cleans the house quite like you. ;) I am so happy for you with your new job and adventure to Sudan. The Lord has truly blessed you and I will definitely keep you in my prayers! Love you pretty lady!

 I am happy to be in Anchorage and will be even happier when I make it home to the lower 48. I am excited to spend time with family, and friends for the holiday season! I know I have not posted recently and I have not posted very many pictures around the area where I was living. I will be able to do that more when I return in January. I have had an amazing 6 weeks living here and am extremely blessed to come back with the title of teacher. 

I had quite the experience in Anchorage today. I did not have a ride from the one airport to the next as of last night. I quickly asked the secretary of the school if she could help me out. Thankfully she asked her son and daughter-in-law to take care of me. So far they have taken me shopping for food for next semester, driven me anywhere I needed to go, will drive me to the airport, they are going to ship my food out tomorrow, provide dinner for me, and will ship me anything that I might need next semester. Yet, again the Lord has provided and I am taken care of. 

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