Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tanalian Falls

The first few pictures are from our trek up to Tanalian Falls before sunrise this morning. I kept saying how this view made me think of the Psalms when David would rise early in the morning. I now can see why he would do that.


       My roommate Ceciley and I getting ready to go hiking.

                              These next few pictures over look what is called Beaver Pond.

As you can see it is not very cold out at this point in our journey. I started out with a fleece jacket and I also brought my heavy winter coat. I only needed them when we stopped to grab a bite to eat. 

                           As you saw in my blog when I was here for 6 weeks. This is Tanalian Falls.

This rock here is where Johnathan asked me to climb up with him. 

Trying to decide if I want to climb to the middle of the falls or not. This would require me to take of my shoes and go through water up to the middle of my shins. The water was below 20 degrees and it was very slippery on the rocks.

I decided to go and tough it out. 

It was so cold on my feet that I could barely breathe. They felt so numb and I sat until I could start to feel them. When we climbed up, there was ice and sharp rocks everywhere.

Jonathan and I were waiting for Cecliey and Asha to climb up to the top of the falls and take some more pictures. During this time, I was still without socks and shoes. The water from the falls was spraying us. 

These next pictures are from on top of where we climbed to. It was so beautiful!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Asha and Ceciley finally made it to the top and this is how they found us. We were slightly chilly at this point.

We had to sit and slide our way down until the bottom. Once I saw the water again. I felt frustrated but told myself it would only be for a few seconds. I counted and swiftly made my way across in 20 seconds.

The next set are just some fun we had while we explored more of the falls!

                                                       We like to giggle together about silly things!

                                                                   Asha (left), Me, Ceciley (Right)

During our hike we found some ice that you were able walk on and 
crawl underneath. It was just amazing that you could on it while someone was below you. 

                        We decided we needed some tanning time in order to get our Vitamin D today!

                                         It was decided that Lucy needed to come with us. Love this dog!

                                                                       Holey Mountain

Johnathan was very helpful!

Panoramic view of Kontrashibuna Lake which is part of the national park.


Found this floating in the lake, why not lick it? Asha told me to. 

                          We all had an amazing time and I am so blessed to have these people in my life!

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