Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Living Quarters

This week has been very productive so far! I have been encouraged by my basketball girls and very proud with my kindergarten and 1st grade students. This weeks blog is just to reassure everyone that I do not live in an igloo. Nor do I have to hunt and fish to survive.

 This was a great surprise this week. Right before practice two of my girls brought me fry bread made by the Cheda (grandmother). I felt so special and it tasted so good covered in sugar.

Welcome to our home! We have a small entry way with one closet and one large freezer.

We have plenty of boxes stashed away just in case we need to start a small fire, make something (butterfly wings), or just in case we need a box.

I made sure I had plenty of chicken, beef, and cheese. I keep learning everything that I can freeze, thaw, and refreeze again before it starts to get gross. Cheese is not one that should be thawed and frozen repeatedly.

This is our retro TV from the 1950s. We get one station....PBS Kids. I guess I will not get behind on all my favorite kids shows.

We have a completely bare living room, as you can see. Sometimes is just does not feel like home. However, we do our best with what we are given. We keep asking our students to draw us pictures to hang.

Our kitchen is the perfect size for the two of us. We really only use the pantry to store our food so our cupboards are quite bare as you will see. 

I have stocked up on toilet paper, protein bars, sauces and apple juice.

Sadly about half of our cupboards look like this. Maybe one or two items in there.

Nothing too fresh in our refrigerator.

I can fit almost everything in these drawers except for my few clothes in the closet.

Even though it is not my own bed from home, I still love the time I can finally lay down and read.

Also, something great this week was The Battle of the Books. There are teams from each grade level. Each team can have 3 members plus an alternate. The students begin to read the books starting in the summer to prepare for this. I was the coach for the 1st grade team which only have 2 students on it. For each battle the students will go against 2-4 teams from other villages. We use Skype to do it all together. The students and I have been working very hard over the past two weeks. They read the books, study the pictures, authors, and titles of each book. There are questions about the books and the students are required to say the title of the book for 5 points and the author for 3 points. After 16 questions today my 1st graders had to go into 5 more tie-breaker questions. We pulled it out for a win! I so happy with them to take 1st place!!!

These are the books we have been studying, I think I know them by heart. 

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