Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kayaking Excursion

It was incredible that I won this spectacular adventure and could bring these lovely ladies with me. This trip has been a long time in the making! So, if you knew me before I moved out here, you would have said that I am a city girl and I don't like camping. Well though that may have been true, I have recently come to realization that I want nothing in this life hindering me from going anyway or doing anything. Fear, personal reservations, or staying in my comfort zone is not something I want to do anymore. So here I am, asking to go camping. It was so remarkable to get out, catch my breath, and clear my head from the last month's schoolwork. I am looking forward to heading out again, potentially really soon. Change is underway and I accept.

As for the trip and everything we did, it included: boating, kayaking, camping, exploring, and spending quality time together. We first boated to a set of islands at the head of Lake Clark where we were dropped off. We then proceeded to kayak around the islands and explore what each one had to offer. We were able to enjoy the beauty that surrounded us where ever we looked. We ended up setting up camp on one of the islands and had an enjoyable time together. It is always humbling to see the vastness of the mountains and lake. The next morning we kayaked down to Kegik to be picked up due to choppiness of the water. It was a memorable experience for sure. Grateful for these friends!

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