Saturday, August 27, 2016

Adoring Year 4

This year has officially begun and I am beyond excited to see what this year brings. I will be teaching 1st and 2nd grade this year with total of 6 students. I will also be teaching 3rd grade math, which means I will be able to see my kiddos from last year. It has been a blessing to see their smiling faces every day. I have learned an incredible amount of information throughout these past few years. I am beyond blessed to call this amazing place home. I will still be working on my masters classes and Lord willing will be coaching again. I don't doubt that this year has many surprises, twists, and turns. It's going to be a good one because I know that God has me where He wants me.


Artistic work of one of my kiddos.
 Everyone needs a brain break every now and then.

Back to my home base where the running is freeing and the sites are breathtaking.

Katmai was a crazy incredible time. I was able to collaborate with other teachers, spend time with friends that I only get to see twice a year, and challenge myself in having adventures. Overall, I caught 3 fish, saw 6 bears, 1 eagle, 1 moose, and 1 wolf. I can't believe that I was given this opportunity and live in such a beautiful state.

Bottom picture: I finally caught a chum after our guide came over, took  my pole, proceeded to throw the lure in, and catch it. I was excited yet discouraged. I wanted to catch my own fish and thankfully I ended up catching another 2 by myself. The next few pictures capture all my emotions of catching, touching, and trying to act calm while getting my picture taken with my first fish. 

Learning how to decorate a lure was never something that I thought I would do in my lifetime. I have never been fishing and I thought this was a good step in preparing me for the fishing excursion. 

Smallest international airport I have ever seen or flown out of!

Love when the girlies greet me when I arrive back in AK. Thanks Marisa and Kenzie Girl for picking me up and blessing me with a new notebook for coaching and this adorable sign!

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