Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hiking/Pre-Valentines Day

Ceciley and I decided to hike every weekend. It does not have to be far but we just like to get some air and catch up with each other. I have found this time to be such a blessing to have a roommate who wants to go exploring, as well as one who is good company. I have enjoyed the many conversations we have had over the past few weeks. The spot we chose this past weekend was right at the end of the second runway.. 

There was a ton of cloud coverage which made it hard to see the mountains across the water.

I have one of the best mother's in the world. She was excited for me to open the box this week. I was so happy to see what she has in store me me. Mom, thank you for being my number 1 supporter, and encouragement in my life. I cannot tell you enough how much you meant to me and how I love you and dad!!

My mom made me a a table runner, coasters, and an adorable apron for cooking. She got me new towels, an oven mit, candles, M&m'd, a new book, movie, candy, note pads, and some cookie mixes. She knows exactly how to brighten up my day, or week for that matter. Mom you are very gifted!!

My mom got me this cute set of candle holders and candles. I cannot wait to use this some night while relaxing!! Super cute and adds to the "home" feeling this apartment lacks. 

"Little Llama, don't you know, Mama Llama loves you so?" Made me think of you mom. I love you!

It fits and I did not even give her measurements to go by! Mom this table runner looks amazing in our house. 

Mom you know how much I love my owls!

Homemade, super cute coasters. :)

Super cute!

I love you so much mom. Thank you for making my day! You know how much I love the owls and mom? What does the fox say?

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