Sunday, February 16, 2014


Welcome to Newhalen. Here there are roads and more cars than we have here in Port Alsworth. 

This is the hospital they have. I loved that they had stop signs as well as speed limit signs. They have two Physicians Assistants that work here. 

Our lovely housing that we were so graciously offered. Normally, we would have slept in the gym, or classrooms on the floor. However, this time we were allowed to stay in the house. The only requirement was that we left it as clean as we found it.

One of my lovely basketball ladies asked me my favorite color and drew me this. 

Some of my girls left breakfast and this is what I found them doing. Running over some plays that they wanted to work on before out next game.

My official stats book for my Lady Lynx!

The store in the Newhalen had plenty of goodies for the girls and me.

I really wanted a Latte but passed it up this time.

A little bit more from the school. This is an Indian taco. It is like a taco salad but on fry bread. I 

Otter Pops. They were such a treat to have! I love Popsicles. 

There was a live band that played right after the games were over. It was awesome to see the people from the village dancing and having a great time. I love how they put the date on the scoreboard!! The typical dance is two step. I was not asked to dance but if I had been I would have loved to learn how. 

Clouds were looking absolutely amazing today!

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