Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Simultaneous Grief and Joy

Grief- deep sorrow, especially that's caused by someone's death
   Synonyms- sorrow, misery, anguish, distress, heartache, suffering, woe, desolation, heartbreak

Joy- a feeling of great pleasure and happiness
    Synonyms-delight, jubilation, happiness, gladness, glee, bliss, delight, enjoyment, triumph

       I have been bouncing between these two feelings on a consistent basis. I keep explaining it and processing that there are two realities that constantly have grief and joy mixed together. The realities are that  have and I would really like for them to coexist together not be two separate entities. It feels hard to put in written words but it is easier said. Right now my two entities (worlds for the lack of a better term) keep running into each other and it feels like a tidal wave.

       May 11, 2014 This was our first time ever hanging out just him and me. It all started with this blue plane.This pictures brings the joy of memories we shared while we talked during flying together in It hits home tonight as I walked by and watched my friends (who own it now) get ready to practice flying in it. I think of the laughs, serious talks, God talks, and the "getting to know" you stage in this little plane. Such sweet memories to look back on yet the sorrow of never creating new ones.

          I view myself at crossroads. The road in front is labeled long, painful at times, life giving. To the right I see detour ahead, as if I should take the road with that might be longer but less rocky in the beginning. To the left I see it marked with bright lights, fun adventures, distractions and yet another detour. The road behind me is marked dead end. I try each of these roads for a short while. Each day I walk them longer than other days. I run occasionally and sometimes even hitch a ride with someone else depending where they are headed and the road they have chosen.

       I find myself spinning my "wheels" because it doesn't make sense to me. I get frustrated that I don't have it together or that my grief hasn't taken a deeper level of healing. I feel mind "fog" over and over again. I want it to stop sometimes but know that isn't even in the cards. I cry out to the Lord as if my screaming and shouting is needed because I feel as though I am talking to myself sometimes. I want to make sense of everything and at the same time I know that may never happen. So many things don't even come close to making sense right now but I come to the realization its actually a pretty sweet spot to live. It is the daily living and living in the moment.

       This life, the daily, future plans, and everything going on are constantly moving forward. I drag my feet and put up a good fight sometimes, and yet every time I do I am brought back to my knees. I begin to realize how I don't have it all together, how broken I truly am, and how desperately I need the Lord each step of the way and each moment of every day.

       I am so broken but yet so loved. At the times I feel as though I have messed up, said something I shouldn't have, or responded in a way that was less than appropriate. I fall to my knees and realize how desperately I need the Lord. I have those moments more now than ever before where I just feel "off" It doesn't feel normal, I don't have Kyle here to process my thoughts and feelings with but I am beyond grateful for the people the Lord has brought into my life to enter into those feelings with me.

       All I have left are the memories I try to recreate in my mind over and over again. I look at pictures and I can't explain the pain I feel that he is not longer here. My heart hurts so badly and even though I know the Lord is working to pick up each piece it doesn't not change the fact that I still feel. I have been listening to a song called "Feel it All" by Andrea Marie. I definitely try to do that because I want to fully heal from all of that no matter what it takes or looks like. I know the Lord has not left me in this state I am in. In the shambles, in the middle of the storm, in the darkness, in all the questions, despite all my pride, the Lord is my constant and has good in store for me. I just know it and believe it because He loves me.

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  1. Love you and your heart friend.
    Praying for you as you navigate all that's ahead.

    Also- I don't have FB right now, so I googled
    "Abbey wells Port Alsworth Alaska adventure blog" to find this :)