Friday, May 16, 2014


Before I get to my kindergarten and the seniors graduating, I wanted to share that I used a chainsaw for the first time. I went with Amy, (another teacher) and her husband. I told Amy I was looking for adventure; she gabbed me and told me to come with her. I think she did a good job at finding adventure for me.

Also, we had a student production/play. One of our high school students wrote the play and the middle-high school students preformed in it. This picture is of the elementary students singing the songs they had learned in music. The play brought about 90 people or so. It was a great turn out and a well done play. 

Roast-beef sandwich with a dill pickle!!

The lovely Asha falling fast asleep while typing..

Fun runs with Lucy!

There was a couch burning, people put in the water, and a beautiful view.

High school table for the 5 students who graduated this year.

The kindergarten table :D

Becky all ready for her speech.

School colors to match my kiddos.

They boys!

Post graduatation with some wonderful people.

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