Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I was asked to watch one my students for about 7 days. I had a great 7 days hanging out and eating a ton of food with her. We enjoyed smoothies, huge Costco pizza, fresh fruit (which is like Christmas to me), and many other adventurous times.

I danced around with joy when I got a box full of fruit! We had fruit salad a lot in a week.

She enjoyed walking through the water and kept asking me to for a dip. I told her that is was not the best idea. I sat on the rocks wearing a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants. 

Her mother made me these earrings for taking care of her daughter. I absolutely love the hand made earrings!! I believe she told me they were made from seal. I also received a wonderfully handmade, beaded  key chain from the girl that stayed with me.  

On moving day back to Asha's house, we had one amazing dinner. I decided to move back into the room I started in during October through December last year. Afterwards we had chicken curry (which was my first time having), rice, quinoa, and I decided to make chocolate covered strawberries!

These wings seem to follow me around everywhere. Halloween costume from last year.

Playing in the sun has begun! 

Decided to walk the entire way from Kontrashibuna to the falls on the rocks barefoot, just for a challenge.

The walk was about a mile long. It was a gorgeous day to so.

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