Friday, May 2, 2014

River Hike

We headed down to the river which I had never seen before. We found a nice hill to climb and slide down.



I followed Asha up the hill to realize that where I was at would require her assistance in pulling me up. All I was hanging on to was tree roots.










Asha wrapped her legs around this tree and held on to me as I pulled myself up. I must say it took quite a bit to pull myself up without anything to put my feet on. It was worth the energy to see the amazing view.



Asha decided to slide down the hill of rocks and dirt. Ceciley yells up to me, "Is she dead?" All you could see was a cloud of dust. She made safe and sound to the ground. Instead of sliding down, I chose to run down and meet  them at the river.



After hiking we headed home to an amazing international experience. The students put on an international food festival. The students produced many wonderful dishes. We had so much food after an intense climb/hike. 

Horse soup, compliments of Tamerlan. He is one of our exchange students from Kazakhstan.

After a long day, having a campfire with a bunch of people was the perfect way to end. 

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