Sunday, May 11, 2014

Planes and Guns

And so it begins....

We flew down to Iliamna, Nondalton, and all around Port Alsworth. We had a bit of wind whipping us around and my door kept opening a crack while we were in flight. I feel so blessed to have friends with planes. I enjoyed every minute flying around and I cannot wait to go back up on a clearer, less windy day. 

I have had many people offer to take me shooting. I have wanted to for quite some time and when the conversation arose, Kyle was quite surprised that I had never shot. He was at first surprised and then it started to bother him. We took care of his concern right after we landed. I absolutely loved my experience of shooting a gun for the first time.

I tried this stance at first but I did not like how I was shooting so I decided a different technique. 

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